How to create Fat Loss and build a Body you love without hating the process

The solution for people that lack motivation who are sick of NOT being consistent and constantly falling off the wagon.

WARNING: Don’t sign up with me if you think you’re going to achieve your dream body in a couple weeks, this may take a while but i’ll change your body forever.

Who is Progress247 Pro for?

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Watch this video!
Watch this video!

Picture this…

You wake up every morning genuinely motivated as fuck, knowing you’ll never have to count calories in the future, you no longer have body image issues, you feel confident with training and have full self-control around food, and you look forward to each day.

I know what you’re thinking..

Life is already hard enough, I don’t have the willpower and consistent habits to do this.

You probably don’t even know where to start, or you do, and it’s not working!

Or you’re in a program that only leaves you feeling lost, empty, exhausted, and unmotivated.

You may even think you’re a lost cause.

It doesn't have to be like that for you ANYMORE…

It doesn't have to be like that for you ANYMORE…

To bring you the best in class coaching program, I’ve bridged the gap between knowledge and application. It is truly a holistic approach to achieving your deserved body.

You will know how much to eat, what to eat, how much to train, what to train, how to rest, how to have fun, and how to build a supportive network. All combined to keep you on the wagon.

I get it… I’ve been there before!!

If I am being honest, I was a chunky uneducated Turkish kid in East London, my football coaches used to call me fat, I started learning about this stuff to no longer feel worthless, weak and fat.

I’ve also been stuck in the cycle of yo-yo dieting and seeked a sustainable path towards achieving a physique I’m happy with!

My own experiences have helped me help thousands of people as I know what it’s like not being happy and comfortable in your own body.

This program is designed for those who have struggled with finding the right balance in their training and nutrition.

This program is also designed for those who constantly fall off the wagon with programs that are too generalized, too extreme, and lack accountability. I promise you, it wasn’t your fault, it was the wagon’s.

These are the individuals that struggled with willpower and motivation. But, look at them now.

“I’ve been Kartelled!”


"The phrase “I’ve been Kartelled” has become a regular part of my vocabulary since I started working with Diren. That’s how much he’s changed my way of thinking.

I say my way of thinking rather than my physical appearance which has changed too because the key to it all has been changing my mindset. The way I think of and talk to myself.

Don’t get me wrong it’s also super important that I’ve also lost 20kg in a year, I’m wearing clothes 2-3 sizes smaller and I’m strong and toned because of the personalised training, occasional much-needed bollocking/pressure and equally much- needed kindness Diren shows.

So it’s fair to say the ball of unbelievable energy, honesty, cheekiness and authenticity that is Diren has changed my life at the big old age of 50. And I’m forever grateful for the lifelong path he’s set me on."


Remember you don’t just want to lose weight, you want a good physique and good health.

Just to remind you, I’ll be hosting Zoom meetings exclusively for ProgressPro participants, offering live Q&A sessions to provide you with the support, accountability, coaching, and mentoring required to achieve powerful results. (I’m taking you under my wing)

This isn’t just another basic betch membership. I’m here because I want to solve your problem, block the noise and provide you with real-time coaching.

But there is a BUT and it’s the reason you need to act now…

Our first intake of ProgressPro members will be significantly limited due to high demand.

So don’t miss out as this is the only way you can be coached by me. It’s now or never, to have me as your sustainable fat loss guru 😂!

Here's what you'll get...


Access for 12 months


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What’s Included?

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Yes, you’ll have access to direct message a coach that’s been assigned to you. They’ll assign you your plan by day 2-3, provide feedback on your training periodically and support with any plan changes/tweaks to help your situation and to help you achieve goals.

So, do you want to master Sustainable Fat Loss in the Shortest time possible and keep it off?

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